In-Person Verification

As they say, there’s simply no substitute for being there. Our field teams are composed entirely of employee professionals. They are articulate, experienced, highly trained and equally skilled at data collection and relationship building. They verify and clarify the provider data we offer by working directly with the clinic managers at each and every location.

Different from every other provider directory data company in that we verify, onsite and in person, every location, every organization and the participation of every provider. Our team of highly trained professionals build relationships with clinic managers, work with them to verify their organizational and roster data and thank them on behalf of our insurance partners. Zipwire data is better, verified and more complete.

Completion Rates

Our polite and helpful team has extremely high ‘first contact’ completion, accuracy and completeness rates. This is because our onsite personnel offer tangible, immediate assistance to meet insurance partner provider data requirements.

More than just data

Being onsite allows us to act as market-based feet-on-the-street who gather critical point-of-sale intelligence on trends, issues and local happenings. It also allows our field agents to evangelize participating insurance partner brands to clinic managers, front desk personnel and thank them for their business.