Zipwire For Providers

Clinic Online makes it easy to review, edit and share your clinic and provider data with your healthcare insurance partners. The modern interface is intuitive and easy to use. A single update to Zipwire sends corrected data to all participating insurance partners making it the simplest way to meet contract and CMS requirements.

Healthcare Provider Data

Clinic Online makes changes to addresses, office hours, ADA accessibility and contact info a snap. Helping your patients find and contact you has never been so simple.

Clinic Directory Management

The provider roster is at the heart of Clinic Online. Reviewing, editing and updating your providers whether at one location or many is easy with our clean, modern interface. We share these updates with your participating healthcare insurance partners keeping your data accurate in their online provider directories and compliant with CMS regulations. Finding the right provider has never been so easy for your patients.

Provider Billing Information

Do you have multiple organizations within your practice? Clinic Online allows you to align providers to the correct organizations, the right NPI and associate them with the correct TIN number for every location (and address) you have.