Zipwire for Insurers

Zipwire is different from every other provider directory data company in that we verify, onsite and in person, every location, every organization and the participation of every provider. Our team of highly trained professionals build relationships with clinic managers, work with them to verify their organizational and roster data and thank them on behalf of our insurance partners. Zipwire data is better, verified and more complete.

Healthcare Provider Data

The provider roster is at the heart of what Zipwire does. Clinic managers can review, edit and update their rosters themselves in our Clinic Online app or work with our field professionals to do it for them. Our tools make associating providers with the right locations accurate, simple and fast. Clinic Online also allows for a side by side comparison of the directory data published by insurance companies for each provider so that Clinic Managers can see whose data is good and whose isn’t. Our field professionals and CCO quality control teams verify every change so bad data becomes good and good data stays that way.

Clinic Directory Management

Clinic Online makes changes to addresses, office hours, ADA accessibility and contact info quick and easy. Ensuring your enrollees can contact their providers has never been easier.

Provider Billing Information

Correct organization, the right NPI and associate them with the correct TIN number for every location (and address) they have. Find one that doesn’t fit? Send us a note and we’ll ensure that our field representative straightens that out the next time they visit. Clean, highly accurate and actionable data is what we do.