Our Company

The Single Source of Truth for Provider Directories

Who we are

Zipwire is a big data and field services company that specializes in complex data relationships. We’re working to become the single source of truth for provider directories. We combine industry leading software, data, field marketing and on site data collection to deliver a uniquely complete and accurate data set and rich relationship management solution for the provider organizations we work with and our health insurer customers. We help both payers and providers to get a full view of their organizations, locations, providers and networks.

Our Philosophy

We believe that supporting providers is the path to accurate payer data. Clinic Managers, Medical Staff offices and billing departments are the key to putting the right provider at the right location at the right time. We provide these healthcare organizations with rich tools to visualize their organizations, edit rosters and submit updates. We let them compare, side by side, the directory details their payer partners are publishing about their providers and make a single update to the Zipwire records available to all their payers. Our field agents make regular visits to update data, verify crucial details, take feedback and provide meaningful and timely assistance. We take the pain out and put the accuracy in provider directory management.

What we do

Zipwire’s Clinic Online platform allows healthcare organizations to review, edit and update their organizational, location and provider data with just a few clicks. It reduces the administrative burden associated with contract and regulatory provider directory compliance.

Our Team

We are a team of technology, field services and healthcare experts. We are deep believers in the power of human relationships and technology innovation to combine to solve complex problems. We were founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2013 where our founder was a fellow. We have been working in the healthcare field since 2015.