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Why Zipwire?

Because life is lived in groups

At Zipwire we recognize that our lives are enriched by groups – our families, friends, coworkers, sports teams, clubs, school sections, carpools, companies, and many others. Zipwire brings unprecedented speed and efficiency to how groups of people connect with each other over their mobile devices, allowing 4, 40, or 400 individuals to exchange contact details with each other in a matter of seconds.

Never input a contact ever again. We do it for you.

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Because connections are not all the same

Zipwire gives you complete control over each connection, allowing you to select which contact details to share with each individual or group. Your zCards (i.e. profile cards) have different levels of detail which allow you to share just as much or as little as the situation requires in a fast and easy fashion. Now it’s possible to instantly share your details without ever having to reveal all of your personal details at once.

Never give away your privacy control ever again. We preserve it for you.

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Because life is dynamic and ever-changing

With Zipwire, once you have established a connection with an individual or group, your contacts stay up to date forever more. When individuals in your network change their contact details (e.g. move to a new address, get a new job, get a new number), Zipwire automatically updates their information on your phone, so that you don’t have to worry about losing touch or having outdated connections.

Never manually update a contact ever again. We update it for you.

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A solution for every situation

Zipwire for personal use

Zipwire makes organizing your life simple…

  • Create groups to organize a car pool, manage your sports team, or just keep you family contacts together and always current
  • Communicate easily when organizing one-off events such as a birthday party, a charity event, or a college reunion
  • Safely connect with new or uncertain connections with total confidence

Zipwire for business

Zipwire makes organizing your enterprise seamless

  • Create rich, beautiful, customized directories for your department, project team, class, company or conference – on your mobile phone as well as through any web browser
  • Ease onboarding by providing new hires, transfers, and contractors a directory of not just names and titles, but also photos and groups
  • Improve collaboration by grouping colleagues in the way that makes the most sense and by using Zipwire’s built-in chat

Get connected. Stay connected.

Zipwire is available on most devices and browsers