The easiest way to create, join and share mobile directories

Instantly connect your organization

Zipwire makes your entire team available on your mobile phone and through any web browser. It is the fastest way to put names with faces, share contact information across your team and keep everyone up to date. It's the modern mobile directory.

The Zipwire difference

Everything you love about cloud services with built-in features and tools that make directories easy for anyone in the organization to create, distribute and maintain. Zipwire is photo rich, designed for mobile from the ground up and very flexible.

Simple, powerful connectivity

Nested Directories

Have 20,000 colleagues? It's hard to know that many people and even harder to find the right one. Zipwire allows every team to have their own directory to make connecting, communicating and getting the job done easier. With nesting individual team, office or program directories may be combined into a master directory or left stand alone.

Broadcast push notifications

Want to congratulate your team on shipping the product or meeting their sales goal? Have a shift that's suddenly open and need to find a replacement? Broadcast notifications let you send alerts to everyone in the directory. Alerts appear in the notifications area of mobile phones, in our mobile and web apps meaning they'll be seen wherever your team is. So should the office ever close due to flooding, Zipwire will make it easy to get the word out.

Make Groups

Need to go outside your organization to include vendors or contractors on a special project team? Want to create a group around a special project, a client or a deal? Use zCodes to create custom groups to put everyone associated with it in a single, easy to use place.


Organizations are as unique as the people in them. Zipwire allows you to create directories that are perfect for your organization. Need the name, photo and email address of everyone on the team? Create a directory to do just that. Certifications? You bet, just add a field or two for those. Favorite super hero? Um, ok. That's what's great about Zipwire directories, they can contain whatever you want.

Always current

Things change. Zipwire make it easy for you and your team to stay current. You choose which information your team can update (like their mobile number or photo) and what requires you to have a look (like a title perhaps). Updates instantly go to everyone in the directory.

Cross platform

IOS and Android apps as well as access through any web browser makes Zipwire easy to access anywhere anytime.

Intuitive directory creation and admin

Zipwire's tools make directory design, publish and maintenance easy. Choose from standard fields like job title, mobile number and office address or create your own custom fields. Adding people - even new employees -- is just as easy. Enter them directly or upload a CSV or both. Photos are a snap add. Directory admin is just as painless.
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